About TriplePhive Auto


Proud Sponsor of the 2015 WCRA Novice Rally Series


TriplePhive Auto have been selling dash cams since 2012, we understand the needs of all motorist and providing clear understandable information for various types of dash cam consumers. We are the only dash cam retailer with certified installers with door to door sales and service. We have an avid involvement in the charity community such as North Shore Culinary School. In addition TriplePhive Auto are a proud sponsor of BXR PWR RALLY SPORT rally team from Kamloops and WCRA Novice TSD Rally series. We only carry selected dash cam models to ensure we are selling only the highest quality and more reliable products. With our high quality products we aim to minimize product returns in which it will create more satisfied customers.


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Fastrack Autobody

TriplePhive Auto is excited to have our new product display hosted by Fastrack Autobody at their location; 150-11820 River Road, Richmond, BC. They are the only certified McLaren repair facility in Western Canada. http://www.fastrackautobody.com/

Display Case at Fastrack Autobody